How To Fix Water Damage Macbook Keyboard

How To Fix Water Damage Macbook Keyboard

Imagine this: you’re sipping your favorite beverage while working on your MacBook, and suddenly, a small mishap occurs – a splash! Panic sets in as you realize your beloved device is now water-damaged. Fear not, because in this thrilling blog by Tech Zones, we’re here to dive into the depths of water-damaged MacBook keyboards. Can it be fixed? What are the costs involved? And most importantly, how can you prevent such unfortunate accidents in the future? 

Experts of Macbook Repair in London explain that in order to fix water damage to a MacBook keyboard, quickly power off the device, disconnect peripherals, and turn it upside down to drain any excess liquid. Avoid using heat sources and seek professional laptop repair services to disassemble, clean, and assess the damage. Act swiftly for the best chance of successful repair.

If you’re still unsure whether or not you will be able to restore your water-damaged Macbook keyboard. Read the article to unveil the secrets to rescuing your MacBook from a watery fate!

Can Water-Damaged MacBook Keyboard Be Fixed?

Good news! In many cases, a water-damaged MacBook keyboard can be fixed, provided you act swiftly and take the right steps. 

When liquid spills on your MacBook, quickly power it off, disconnect all peripherals, and carefully turn it upside down to drain any excess liquid. Avoid using a hairdryer or heat sources, as they can cause more harm. 

Instead, bring your device to Tech Zones immediately for professional diagnosis and repair. Our skilled technicians can disassemble the MacBook, clean the affected areas, and assess the extent of the damage. 

The success of MacBook Water Damage Repair depends on the severity of the spill and how quickly you seek expert assistance.

Cost of Replacing MacBook Keyboard

If the water damage is severe or has affected essential components, the MacBook keyboard may need replacement. The cost of replacing the MacBook keyboard can vary depending on the model, the extent of the damage, and the availability of genuine replacement parts. At Tech Zones, we offer competitive prices for MacBook keyboard replacements, and our skilled technicians ensure a seamless installation. While a replacement might be more costly than repairs, it’s a worthwhile investment to restore your MacBook’s functionality and prevent further issues down the road.

Prevention Tips

Prevention is the best remedy for water-damaged MacBook keyboards. Consider these tips to safeguard your precious device:

Use a Keyboard Cover

A silicone keyboard cover can provide a protective barrier against spills and crumbs, preserving your MacBook’s keyboard from potential liquid damage.

Avoid Eating and Drinking Near Your MacBook

Accidents can happen, so it’s best to keep food and beverages away from your device to prevent spills and subsequent damage.

Keep Your Work Area Clean

A clean and clutter-free workspace reduces the risk of knocking over liquids onto your MacBook.

Invest in a Water-Resistant Sleeve or Case

Transport your MacBook in a water-resistant sleeve or case for added protection during your daily commute.

Power Off When Not in Use

If you’re not using your MacBook for an extended period, power it off to minimize the risk of liquid exposure.

Be Extra Cautious with Liquid Containers

Always double-check that containers with liquids are secure and tightly closed before placing them near your MacBook.

Always Go To A Reputed Service Provider In Case of Damage

When it comes to repair services, always opt for a reputed and trusted service provider for Macbook repair in London to ensure quality service and the longevity of your device. Reputed stores have skilled and well-trained technicians that can instantly and effectively diagnose and repair your Macbook. 


Congratulations, fellow MacBook users! You’re now equipped with the knowledge to handle water-damaged keyboards with ease. Remember to act quickly, seek professional assistance, and consider prevention tips to keep your MacBook safe from water mishaps.

Tech Zones is here to rescue your device and bring it back to life with expert care and expertise. Embrace a splash-free future with your trusty MacBook by your side!

If you require our assistance, contact us to book an appointment or visit our website for more information. 

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