Fix the Laptop Internal Webcam Not Working

How to Fix the Laptop Internal Webcam Not Working

Wondering how to fix the laptop’s internal webcam not working? You’re at the right place. A defective webcam is a pain as it makes it difficult to conduct virtual meetings, connect with one’s loved ones, or take pictures. But fret not! In this complete manual, you can easily find one answer to the problem of why your laptop’s built-in webcam is not functioning anymore.

Start with diagnosing the problem. Check for hardware issues and review the device manager. Then, look for software and driver fixes. If your webcam drivers need an update, go for it. For Mac users, you can also try resetting privacy settings because they’re often the culprit. Moreover, you can scan your laptop for upgrades as well. But if nothing works, it’s ideal to reach out to a professional laptop repair service provider. Let’s dive into these!

By the end of reading this article, you’ll be prepared to smile back in front of the laptop’s camera once again.

Laptop’s Internal Webcam Not Working? Here’s A How-To Guide!

Here’s how to fix the laptop’s internal webcam not working.

Diagnosing the Issue

Check for Hardware Problems

The first step in figuring out how to fix the laptop’s internal webcam not working is to inspect the hardware. Give your laptop a close examination. Is there any visible damage to the webcam lens or cable? If so, it might need a professional repair service. If everything looks fine, proceed to the next step.

Review Device Manager

On a Windows laptop, you can head to the Device Manager by right-clicking the Start button and selecting “Device Manager.” Look for the “Imaging devices” category. If there’s an issue, you’ll see a yellow triangle icon next to your webcam. In case you’re using a Mac, the Device Manager equivalent is the “System Information.” To get there, click on the Apple menu, then “About This Mac,” and finally, “System Report.” These are crucial steps if you’re looking for a way to figure out how to fix the laptop’s internal webcam not working.

Software and Driver Fixes

Update Webcam Drivers

Outdated or incompatible drivers can often be the culprit in why your laptop’s internal webcam is not working. To update your webcam drivers, go to the manufacturer’s website, find your laptop model, and download the latest drivers. It’s a simple fix but can make a world of difference.

Roll Back Webcam Drivers

Sometimes, the most recent driver update might be causing the issue. If this is the case, you can roll back to the previous driver version. This can often resolve compatibility problems.

Enable the Webcam (Windows)

In Windows, webcam access can be turned off by privacy settings. To re-enable it, go to “Settings”> “Privacy”> “Camera.” Ensure to turn on the toggle switch for “Allow apps to access your camera.” You might also want to scroll down and make sure that individual apps have permission to use the camera.

Reset Privacy and Permissions (Mac)

Mac users, don’t fret! To reset privacy and permissions, navigate to “System Preferences”> “Security & Privacy”> “Privacy” tab. From here, you can review and manage which apps have camera access.

Common Software Issues

Troubleshoot Third-Party Software

Sometimes, third-party applications might be clashing with your laptop’s internal webcam, making it not work. Video conferencing tools, for example, can sometimes “lock” the camera for their use. Ensure that no other applications are running that might be using the camera simultaneously.

Disable Webcam on Other Apps

On occasion, certain apps might have taken control of the webcam without your knowledge. It’s a good idea to check your running apps and make sure none of them are using the camera when they shouldn’t be. Close down any such apps, and your webcam should become available for use again.

Additional Tips

Scan for Malware

If none of the above steps work, it’s time to consider malware. Malicious software can hijack your webcam without your consent. If you haven’t already, run a full system scan using reliable antivirus software. This is a vital step in ensuring your webcam’s privacy and functionality.

Check for System Updates

Regularly updating your laptop’s operating system is crucial for many reasons, including maintaining the functionality of your internal webcam. To do this on Windows, go to “Settings”> “Update & Security.” On a Mac, you can find updates in the “System Preferences”> “Software Update.” Be sure to install any pending updates.

Contacting Support

If you’ve tried all of the above and you still don’t know how to fix the laptop’s internal webcam not working, it might be time to reach out to your laptop’s manufacturer support. They can provide more specific guidance and might be able to resolve the issue remotely or suggest a repair if needed.


And there you have it! An all-encompassing guide on how to fix the laptop’s internal webcam not working. We hope that this article has helped you fix the problem with your webcam in order for you to go back to making video conference chats, having online meetings, and taking pictures of precious moments again.

So, smile for the camera! You can now use your laptop’s built-in camera again for capturing both big and small moments. Have a great time videoconferencing and snapping pictures.

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