Stuck keys of Laptop

How to Fix Stuck Keys on a Laptop Keyboard?

When it comes to laptop keyboard issues, a few things are as frustrating as stuck keys. Let’s explore a way to resolve this common problem yourself. Whether you are using a MacBook or any other laptop, a keyboard with keys that don’t respond can be an actual productivity killer. In this guide, with the techs of Tech Zones, we’re going to walk you through the reasons for stuck keys of Macbook and Laptop and offer step-by-step instructions to get your laptop keyboard back in working order. Let’s dive into this troubleshooting adventure.

Causes of Stuck Keys of Laptop  Keyboard

Understanding why your laptop keys are stuck is step one in resolving the difficulty. There are numerous common causes:

Dust and Debris Accumulation

Over time, dust, debris, and different particles can find their way under your laptop keys, inflicting them to become sticky. This is specifically true if you often use your PC in environments in which dirt and debris are common.

Liquid Spills

Accidental spills are another leading purpose of stuck keys. Even a small amount of liquid can seep under your keys, leading to sticky or unresponsive key presses.

Wear and Tear

With extended use, the keys in your PC keyboard may also come to be worn or broken. This wear and tear could make keys much more likely to get stuck or malfunction.

Safety Precautions Before Repairs

Before you embark on fixing stuck keys of MacBook and Laptop, it’s critical to take some precautions to keep away from causing similar harm:

Turn off the laptop 

Make sure your laptop is powered off to prevent any unintentional key presses for the duration of the cleaning process.

Disconnect external devices

Unplug any outside keyboards or accessories related to your laptop.

Gather important equipment and components

You’ll need gadgets which include compressed air, a gentle brush, and a cleansing solution.

Consider guarantee implications

If your PC continues to be under guarantee, be aware that a few DIY upkeep might also void the warranty. Review the guarantee phrases before intending.

Step-By-Step Guide to Fixing Stuck Keys

Now, let’s get into the practical steps for resolving the problem of stuck keys on your laptop keyboard. We’ll cover both simple and advanced cleaning strategies.

Basic Cleaning Techniques

Using Compressed Air to Remove Debris

Hold your laptop moderately with the stuck key facing downward. Gently spray compressed air around the key to dislodge any loose debris.

Gentle Tapping and Shaking

Turn off your PC. Tap the edges and bottom to force any unfastened particles to fall out. You can also gently shake the laptop while retaining it the other way up.

Advanced Cleaning Methods

Removing Individual Keycaps for Thorough Cleaning

Carefully dispose of the keycap using a flat, plastic tool. Clean under the keycap and around the key switch with compressed air and a smooth brush. Reattach the keycap by way of aligning it and pressing it again into place.

Using a Cleaning Solution and Soft Brush

Create a cleansing solution by mixing a small quantity of alcohol with water in a box. Dampen a soft brush with the cleansing solution. Gently smooth the vicinity across the stuck key, being careful not to oversaturate it. Allow it to dry thoroughly before turning your laptop on.

Addressing Liquid Spills

If your key issue is because of a liquid spill, flip off your computer right now. Place the laptop upside all the way down to permit the liquid to drain out. The rice method can assist in taking in moisture: Place your PC in a bag of raw rice for at least 48 hours to fix the water damage MacBook and laptop Keyboard. If the liquid damage is extreme, it is really useful to look for expert help.

Testing the Keys

After cleansing, test the keys to make certain they may be functioning effectively. Type some sentences or use an internet keyboard tester to verify that the difficulty has been resolved.

Seeking Professional Help

While DIY techniques can often restore stuck keys, there are situations where in professional laptop repair services are essential:

  • If the keys stay unresponsive after attempting all troubleshooting steps.
  • If there’s visible physical harm to the keys or the keyboard.
  • If your laptop is still under warranty, keep in mind to contact the manufacturer or a licensed service provider for guarantee-included maintenance.

Preventive Measures

Preventing stuck keys is best for avoiding them. Here are a few preventive measures to hold your laptop keyboard in the best condition:

Regular Keyboard Maintenance

Periodically clean your laptop keyboard to save you dirt and debris buildup.

Use Keyboard Covers 

These defensive accessories can safeguard your keyboard from spills and debris.

Exercise Caution with Liquids

Keep beverages and drinks far away from your computer to prevent accidental spills.

Immediate Action for Spills

If a spill occurs, take an on-the-spot action to limit the damage by turning off the laptop and looking for professional repair services if vital.


Dealing with stuck keys to your laptop keyboard may be a frustrating experience, but with the right technique, you may frequently solve the issue without the need for a MacBook repair shop. Regular protection and quick action, when issues arise are key to preserving your laptop keyboard in the best condition. 

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