Fix Sound Issues on Laptop

How to Fix Sound Issues on Laptop

One of the most frustrating things that can happen to your PC is sound and audio problems. Imagine not being able to hear your favourite music while you work or not being able to listen to your co-workers on a conference call.  We at Tech Zones can help fix all your PC-related issues, whether it is the Screen that is not responding or an overheated monitor. You can trust the experts at our store to get your issues fixed effectively.

Luckily, there are solutions to this problem. You do not have to stay in the mute mode for long with these expert tips given by laptop repair specialists at Tech Zones.

Tips to Fix Audio and Sound Issues

Talking about audio issues, it is common for us to panic and rush to the nearest store for the best laptop repair in London, but let us give you some good news. Audio and sound issues can be fixed at home. Yes, you read it right. To learn how? Keep reading the article.

Check the Volume Settings

Before diving into complex solutions, start by checking the volume settings on your laptop. It is possible that the volume is turned down or muted, causing sound problems. Adjust the volume level and ensure that it is not muted. Also, check the volume settings within the specific application or media player you are using, as they may have separate volume controls.

Try Restarting or Changing Your Audio Device

Sometimes, audio issues can be due to a temporary glitch in the audio device. Restart your laptop and see if that resolves the problem. If not, try changing the audio output device. For example, if you are using external speakers, switch to the laptop’s built-in speakers or vice versa. This helps identify if the issue is specific to a particular audio device. 

Update Speakers Drivers

Outdated or incompatible speaker drivers can cause audio problems. To fix this, update your speaker’s drivers to the latest version. You can do this by visiting the manufacturer’s website and downloading the appropriate drivers for your laptop model. Alternatively, you can use driver update software that automatically scans and updates your drivers. 

Upgrades the BIOS

The basic Input/Output System (BIOS) is responsible for controlling various hardware components, including the sound card. Outdated BIOS versions can lead to sound issues. Visit your laptop manufacturer’s website and check if there are any BIOS updates available for your model. Follow the instructions provider to upgrade your BIOS, but exercise caution as an incorrect BIOS update can cause serious problems. 

Alternatively, you can get it done professionally by laptop repair specialists at Tech Zones.

Turn Off Audio Enhancements

Some laptops come with audio enhancement features, which can sometimes interfere with the normal functioning of sound. Turning off these enhancements can resolve audio issues. To do this, go to the sound settings on your laptop, locate the audio enhancements options, and disable them. This may vary depending on your operating system, so refer to the specific instructions for your laptop.

What If Sound Issues Are Still Not Resolved?

If you have tried the above solutions and are still experiencing audio and sound issues on your laptop, it is time to seek help from professionals. We are a trusted Laptop repair service provider, we can assist you in diagnosing and resolving complex sound problems. Our experienced technicians have the knowledge and expertise to identify hardware and software-related issues and provide appropriate solutions. 


In conclusion, audio and sound issues on your laptop can be frustrating, but they are not insurmountable. By following the troubleshooting tips provided by computer repair Liverpool specialists, you can resolve the most common sound problems. In case the tips do not work for your case, do not hesitate to seek professional help from us. We have the necessary expertise to diagnose and fix complex sound problems, ensuring that you can enjoy an optimal audio experience on your laptop. 

We hope you find the information to be helpful. If you would like to avail yourself of our laptop repair services, feel free to contact us to book an appointment with one of our technicians or visit our website for more information. 

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